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Georg Goudschaal – Vereidigter Buchprüfer, Steuerberater – „Der Mann der ersten Stunde“

The foundation for ImplusPartner was ultimately laid in 1981 and in 1987 as part of a division of assets and liquidation of the “firm of tax advisors Runde und Goudschaal”, from which a single practice, also managed by Georg Goudschaal, subsequently emerged. The practice grew quickly, particularly as a result of the additional qualifications “certified auditors” and “certified administrators”.



In 1993 business graduate and tax advisor Franz-Josef Mönnighoff, who had been employed as a tax advisor at “tax advisor Goudschaal”, joined the firm as a partner. The tax firm Goudschaal became the “tax advisors Goudschaal & Mönnighoff”. As part of studying to become a financial economist, culminating in a qualification as a certified financial planner, Franz-Josef Mönnighoff also extended his area of expertise once again.



The name was changed to ImplusPartner in 2007 when the business graduate and tax advisor Michael Schwakenberg joined the firm. A new logo and the new mission statement “COMPANIES FINANCES TAXES” also marked the new, performance-based strategic direction of the company now also certified to ISO 9001:2000.



The business economist and tax advisor Kai Schwoon has complemented the tax consultancy, whose increasing focus on a forward-looking consultancy activity has been launched under the new mission statement “taxes and advice”. The company then changed its name to ImplusPartner in 2015 – Goudschaal – Mönninghoff – Schwakenberg – Schwoon tax advisor and certified accountant of the limited partnership. Kai Schwoon extended the portfolio of services still further with his official appointment as auditor in June 2017.



Georg Goudschaal stood down as partner in 1 January 2018 to start his much-deserved retirement. Florian Kieslich has taken over as partner since 1 January 2018. Read the new article “Jahreswechsel bringt Veränderung” [New Year heralds change]. Georg Goudschaal continues to work for the company on a freelance basis in order to ensure a smooth transition.

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